General Information

Emergency Number: 110

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General Information

1. For help:

Call 110 for crimes and accidents.

Call 119 for fire and ambulance.

How to make an emergency call from a public telephone by dialing 110 or 119

2. Be careful of thieves:

Theft made up the greater part of all crimes committed in Miyagi Prefecture last year.

A large percentage were targeted on bicycles, motorbikes and cars.

Be careful of burglars, pickpockets and molesters, too.

3. Report of lost and found articles to police:

If you lose or find valuables (e.g. wallet), please report them to the nearest police box or police station.

4. Tough on drugs:

Possession, usage, transfer, production or import of cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs are prohibited by law.

5. Driver's license information:

Those who have a driver's license issued in a foreign country and who have lived more than 3 months in the issuing country are permitted to have their licenses altered to a Japanese one, provided that the licence is genuine and its validity period remains.

For further information, call your nearest police station or Driver's License Center at 022-373-3601.

6. Procedure to obtain a Criminal Record Certificate

Those who are going to settle down in a foreign country, or stay there for a long time, may be required to submit their criminal record certificate from Japan. If they fail to submit this certificate, their entry in the other country may be rejected. As a service to these people, the Police will issue a criminal record certificate, with the request made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

7. In case of fire and first-aid:

In case of fire, sudden illness or injury, call 119. Emergency calls to the fire department from public telephones can be made in the same way that you call police by dialing 110.


Emergency Number 110
What should you call 110?

[Please note: An English speaking officer may not always be available.]

Five points in making a 110 emergency call:

1. What happened?

Details of the crime or accident; theft, fight, traffic accident, etc.

2. When and where?

What time was it? Address of the scene or a landmark nearby.

3. What is the current situation?

Is anyone injured?

4. What are the distinguishing features of assailants?

How many people were involved, their age, height, clothes, etc. and the direction they ran to. (If they used a car: license plate number, make and model.)

5. Your name, address and phone number.

Are you a victim, witness or offender?

How to make a dial 110 emergency call

110 is for emergencies only. Prank calls tie up the lines so valid emergencies cannot get through. If your problem is not an immediate emergency, please dial #9110 for further assistance.

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Pick up the receiver and dial 110.

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Telephone / E-mail Directory
Miyagi Prefectural Police Headquarters

Phone lines are available for consultation & information regarding police matters
Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

[Please note: An English speaking officer may not always be available.]

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